Fresenius Medical Care Salutes Warwick Dialysis Patient

CRANSTON, R.I. – Dec. 18, 2013 Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA), the nation’s leading network of dialysis facilities, today announced that Leonard D’Ostuni at Fresenius Medical Care Warwick has been selected to receive the company’s “Champion in Motion” award for 2013. FMCNA’s second annual Champion in Motion awards recognize dialysis patients who have made a commitment to regular physical activity, which can be anything from walking, running or swimming to riding a bike, lifting weights or even square dancing.


Leonard, who has been receiving dialysis treatments for two years, was selected as a Champion in Motion because, while most patients are content to read or relax during dialysis, Leonard bought a stationary bicycle and, with his nephrologist’s approval, began exercising during his treatments. Today, at 88, he pedals for at least two hours each session, while being monitored by the dialysis clinic’s staff.


FMCNA is honoring 20 dialysis patients nationwide, from ages 27 to 88, as part of its Healthy Lifestyle initiative, which aims to help people with kidney failure live better lives on dialysis by encouraging them to exercise and maintain healthy diets. Outstanding patients from each region were nominated by FMCNA healthcare teams across the U.S., and the final selections were made by a committee representing the company’s various medical disciplines. Local clinical care teams are recognizing the award winners throughout the fall with certificates and rosettes. Their stories will also be featured on ultracare-dialysis.com.


 “I know I’ve only been on dialysis for a short period of time, but my goal is to get as much quality of life as possible,” Leonard says. “So far I’ve been really happy, and it’s a tribute to the doctors and people who take care of me.”


Regular exercise is associated with numerous health benefits, including stronger muscles and heart; increased joint flexibility; improved circulation, digestion and sleep; and better control of blood pressure and body weight. That’s why FMCNA encourages its dialysis patients to work with their clinics’ healthcare teams – including nephrologists, nephrology nurses, social workers and dietitians – to create an exercise program tailored to their specific needs and fitness level.


“Physical activity is important for anyone with chronic kidney disease, including those with end-stage renal disease, who require either dialysis or a kidney transplant,” said Dugan W. Maddux, M.D., FACP and vice president of Chronic Kidney Disease Initiatives at FMCNA. “Many patients on dialysis find that they feel better if they get regular exercise, and part of our jobs as renal professionals is to help patients find activities that are right for them, no matter what level of activity they may be used to. Everyone can do something.”


Through its Healthy Lifestyle initiative, FMCNA is also promoting the benefits of healthy diets and good nutrition, which are important considerations for all dialysis patients. To support its healthy nutrition campaign, FMCNA has partnered with Food Network Chef Aaron McCargo, Jr. Throughout 2013, Chef McCargo is developing new dialysis-friendly recipes, attending patient events, and promoting healthy diets that include tasty, satisfying meals for people with kidney failure.


Patients can find fitness tips, videos and other information about staying active and maintaining a healthy diet on FMCNA’s website: www.ultracare-dialysis.com.


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