A Lucky Friday the 13th for one Cranston Man

George Foster won $100,000 after scratching off a Pinball Wizard instant ticket on Friday.

For some, Friday the 13th has bad connotations. Not the Fosters, of Cranston.

George Foster asked his wife to get some Saugys and a couple lottery tickets on Friday.

She went to and got two Pinball Wizard instant tickets along with the Saugy hot dogs, a Rhode Island culinary staple.

When she got home, George Foster immediately scratched off a $100,000 top prize. 

Here's where it gets hair-raising: he won by matching number 13.

He claimed the prize on the 13th.

When asked what he'd do with the money, Foster said he'd pay off his car, house and ask his wife what to do with the rest.

The is based in Cranston.


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