AG, Raimondo Open Disability Pension Abuse Tip Line

Know someone collecting a disability check but hits the gym four times a week and works a physically-demanding job? The AG and General Treasurers' offices want you to report them.

The state has a new hotline for people to report suspected cases of disability pension fraud.

The phone line, 401-462-TIPS, is open 24-hours-a-day, every day, for people to report disability fraud.

“For the first time, Rhode Islanders will have the ability to take direct action and help stop pension fraud and abuse,” Raimondo said. “Abuse that costs taxpayer money and compromises the integrity of the retirement system is unacceptable and must be reported and investigated.”

“Each and every tax dollar must be used wisely and efficiently, and we must be vigilant in rooting out fraudulent uses of government programs,” Kilmartin said.  “Combining forces to identify and combat pension disability fraud in Rhode Island will further protect taxpayer dollars.”

The Employees’ Retirement System of Rhode Island will check the hotline voicemail to collect all pertinent messages. Callers to the hotline may leave information anonymously or they may leave their contact information for follow-up.

To assist in the investigation, callers are encouraged to be prepared to leave as much detail as possible about the alleged abuse, including names, addresses and any additional important information to help ERSRI investigate the claim.

John September 13, 2012 at 01:19 PM
This is a good start, but the wrong approach to curbing the rampant epidemic of "disability." Those disabled from one job are often able to work in many other jobs. We need to do away with the concept of "permanent disability" for focal injuries, and keep people employed until normal retirement age in whatever capacity they are able to work. 40 year-olds should not be retired unless they have severe brain injuries or are truly incapacitated from ALL work. If you can work out, you can work.
Maya Lincoln September 14, 2012 at 11:18 PM
I agree with you John. People with most disabilities can work. Many just need to find jobs that accommodate their disability and/or they need accommodations to continue to work their current one. I should know because I have Autism spectrum disorder(which affects working in certain environments, social skills), fibromyalgia(affects physical demands, and have constant pain and fatigue), and Colitis (G.I. symptoms). Though I could not work in customer service, however, I am going to school to find a career to where I am able to work without my disabilities interfering with it. Everyone can work. It is about finding one's weaknesses,stregnths, interests and talents and see what you can come up with. Plus, I am also on disability, but at least I am using it to get an education, so I can get off the system. I think the main problem is that many just get dependent on it. But, I think I rather have a full time job where I can make more money to support a family and do more things, than just sit in bed and only get so much that would only pay for bills with nothing left over for any fun. Also, I would love this thing called Dignity and self-sufficiency.


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