Chicks Peep into Central Library [Video]

One of the numerous activities that took place during April vacation last week was Project Chick — a program run by Casey Farm in North Kingstown.

April vacation might already seem eons ago, but for some children who went to the week and met a tubful of baby chicks, it won't be easy to forget.

The chicks were on a road trip along with Beth Weibust of Casey Farm in North Kingstown. Every spring, the farm takes baby chicks on the road for "Project Chick" and gives young children — and adults – the chance to see and touch the little chicks in person.

It always draws a good crowd. People seem to be unable to get enough of the cute little fuzzy peepers.

"They love it," Weibust said. "The peeping — it's like having a little stuffed animal. It's not just kids, it's adults too. They're fuzzy and warm everywhere I go people ask me about backyard chickens, what it takes to raise them."

In modern times, people tend to be quite detached from the source of their food. But more and more people are interested in knowing how what they're serving for dinner actually makes it to the dinner table.

And for children who are beginning to wonder about what they're putting in their mouths, it's a great lesson.

"The kids can actually see where their food comes from," Weibust said.


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