Hydrant Flushing could Discolor Edgewood's Water Next Week

If you live in Edgewood, you could see temporary water discoloration due to hydrant flushing being performed by Providence Water.

Providence Water customers could see discolored water next week due to hydrant flushing in the Edgewood Neighborhood.

In a release, the water company said the water discoloration would be due to a temporary increase in the water's iron content from water mains "and is not harmful."

The flushing will begin at 9 p.m. this Sunday and will continue each night from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. until Friday, June 8. Customers could see decreased water pressure during the flushing.

The purpose of the flushing is to "improve overall water quality in the water distribution system," the release stated.

The hydrants being flushed are located in the area from:

  • Norwood Avenue at Broad Street east to Narragansett Boulevard
  • Narragansett Boulevard south to Sefton Drive
  • Sefton Drive west to Broad Street
  • Broad Street north to Norwood Avenue.


Customers who experience discoloration beyond Saturday, June 9 are being asked to notify Providence Water for possible additional spot flushing of the system. Customers are being kept informed throughout the entire process with letters and phone messages. City officials and the media have also been alerted to the program and any potential temporary inconveniences to the customer.
A total of 672 customer connections exist within the area targeted for the overnight flushing next week. A total of 34 hydrants are located within the target area, although not every hydrant will be opened for flow as part of the systematic flushing program. 


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