Medical Marijuana Company Opening in Natick This Week

The offices will have a mock dispensary and will answer questions on medical marijuana.

A company that specializes in technology for medical marijuana dispensaries is set to open its offices in Natick this week, boston.com reports

The 81 Speen Street location, just nine miles from Medfield, will allow local officials and residents to ask questions about medical marijuana and will act as a mock dispensary to provide information to those thinking about starting a dispensary of their own. 

The Medbox Inc. company creates software which "allows dispensaries to keep close tabs on each of their patients, assigning each prescription-bearing client with a HIPAA-compliant ID card that they must swipe, accompanied by a fingerprint scan, in order to gain access to the dispensary's goods," the boston.com article said.

joyce baukman February 21, 2013 at 10:03 AM
This move would have been a boon for my mother who suffered greatly from multimyoloma and a doctor who would not write a hospice order or pain meds


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