Volunteers Right Headstones at Pocasset Cemetery

The dead got some well-deserved respect this weekend.

A group of volunteers went through Pocasset Cemetery on Saturday righting headstones, picking up debris and giving the dead the respect they deserve.

The cemetery has been the site of illegal dumping and other mischief for the last few years.

George Daigneault, a retired veteran, isn't about to let it stand.

He's been spending many hours at the cemetery righting headstones, cleaning up debris and recording the names of veterans for family members and genealogical Web sites. 

Daigneault helped organize the cleanup on Saturday. Check out these photos from the Pocasset Cemetery Facebook Page.

Dana Caffrey December 27, 2012 at 07:36 AM
Eventhough that these dead people won't able to see what's happening on the ground, I believe that they should still be given respect. I am glad that the cemetery is planned to be restored. SunCityGranite.com


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