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GALLERY: The Biggest Icicles in Cranston - Upload Yours

Share a photo of a big icicle you've seen. Let's see who has the biggest icicle in Cranston.

With bitter cold following Saturday's snowstorm, conditions have been ripe for the formation of icicles.

Roofs, buildings, awnings and poles across Cranston have been growing the crystalline spears since Sunday. With daytime temperatures not expected to reach anywhere close to 32 degrees today, they won't be melting away anytime soon.

So why not snap some pictures of the ones near you and share? I started it off with a shot I took of the icicles forming on a railing outside a door. My wife took the same shot — a much more artistic view of the same formation. Just goes to show you who's the photographer in the family.

To share yours, click on "Upload Photos and Videos" on one of the buttons on this page. We'll collect them and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

Let's see who has the biggest icicle in the city. And remember to be safe — these daggers can be dangerous when they fall.


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