It's Slippery Out There!

Be careful when you head out this morning.

It will reach a balmy 38 degrees today — good news if you're a fan of melting ice and snow.

But it's just 30 degrees early this morning in Cranston. That means your walkway, driveway and perhaps your street could be covered in frozen sleet and ice.

Be prepared for icy conditions this morning and take extra time to get to your destination.

The National Weather Service issued a Special Weather Statement addressing the slippery conditions, warning people "venturing out of doors or driving early this morning" to "use caution and take extra time in reaching their destinations."

The freezing point will be broken late this morning.

Joe Jones January 29, 2013 at 11:13 AM
Hope the roads are treated! DPW in all city's & town's had plenty of time to handle this.


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