Bobby Nardolillo is Running for Office

Well known Cranston funeral director, Coventry resident, is running for a seat in the House of Representatives.

The well known funeral director of Nardolillo Funeral Home in Cranston, Bobby Nardolillo, is planning to announce his candidacy for Coventry's Dist. 28 seat in the Rhode Island House of Representatives on Sunday as a Republican.

Robert A. "Bobby" Nardolillo III, is a fourth-generation funeral director, the son of the family that owns Nardolillo Funeral Home in both Cranston and Narragansett. In an interview, he said his six years living in Coventry has given him an appreciation for the community. His kids go to school there, his friends live there and even though it has only been six years, it feels like "forever."

But in recent times, Coventry has had more than its share of friction, strife and acrimony. Utter the words "fire district" in a busy supermarket and the Constitution won't protect you from beady-eyed stares.

"I want to stand up and have a voice," Nardolillo said. "With all the stuff going on in our town with political figures, it would be nice to have an occasion that isn't related to anything negative."

That occasion would be this Sunday at noon at Madeline's Family Restaurant at 915 Tiogue Ave. in Coventry. Nardolillo will be on hand to introduce himself to voters and to make his initial pitch as to why he deserves the District 28 seat. He describes it as an informal meet and greet.

Nardolillo said he's not a politician, but he knows how to help people. When someone dies, they leave behind a grieving family. They also leave behind a grieving community, especially when it's a young child or a beloved local icon. 

"All I know is what I like to do and that is to help people," Nardolillo said. "I'm just interested in helping the people in my town like I do in my funeral home. This is where I live, where my kids are growing up. I almost feel bad living here and not doing anything."

It would be a fresh start for Coventry, Nardolillo said. 

"I'm not better than anyone else. But I am different," he said. "I was brought up to believe that God gave us two hands. One is to provide for family and the other is to lend a hand to those in need."

Some houses in the district are spaced far from neighbors. In the coming months, expect to see Nardolillo come knocking on the door. And he said he hopes you're willing to give him a chance to listen.

According to his biography posted on his campaign Web site, www.trustinbobby.com, Nardolillo is a graduate of LaSalle Military Academy in Long Island and graduated with honors with the Officer's rank of 1st Lieutenant of Bravo Company.

He got an associate's degree in applied sciences from Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, Colo. He has been employed in the family business since 1999.

According to a list of campaign pledges and promises on his site, Nardolillo said he believes in accountability, accessibility, transparency and compared his responsibility as a representative as the caregiver of a family.

"As a husband and father, I take the responsibility of provider and protector of my family very seriously, and with your Vote, I will make that promise and commitment to do the same for you and your family," he said.
sharonciceronemessier February 07, 2014 at 06:56 PM
Hi Bobby, Oh I'm so proud of you! You can make a difference. Coventry needs someone like you. Good Luck! Sharon Cicerone


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