Fung Asks — Should RIPTA, RI Resource Recovery, be Privatized?

In an interview with Rhode Island Public Radio, Fung said he'd consider privatizing state agencies if it would lead to greater efficiency.

Cranston Mayor and gubernatorial candidate Allan W. Fung told Rhode Island Public Radio this week that he'd consider privatizing RIPTA and other state agenices.

"You can take a look at RIPTA -- can we do it better just strictly as a private-sector solution?" Fung told RIPR in a bonus Q+A.  "Take a look at Resource Recovery," the quasi-public entity that runs the state landfill in Johnston, "take a look at a lot of different areas within our budget, some of where our dollars are going, to try to fix where government is providing services and if possible, get out of providing government services."

Fung also said he'd be willing to debate Ken Block, who is also seeking the Republican nomination for Governor, but he's not sure how many time's he'd be willing to square off.

"It's still too early," he told RIPR.

To listen to Fung's appearance on RIPR's Political Roundtable, head over to their Web site.
Cranston March 08, 2014 at 10:02 AM
I love it. RIPTA is a ridiculous organization. Unions to drive buses??? Some making 50-80k a year??? Some of the worst most inconsiderate trashy drivers I've ever seen. I wouldn't let them drive me in the CCRI parking lot never mind crowded streets. Get em outta there!!!! I love privatizing.
PMarandola March 09, 2014 at 08:53 AM
LMAO Privatize RIPTA why doesnt he do this with the Cranston school bus drivers aides like Laffey did with the crossing guards? Cranston Bus drivers/aides are only there for the wonderful bene's they get. My own relative is a driver and he only does it for the bene's as they are self employed! Fung needs to fix Cranston before he can attempt to fix anything else. The colonel of the police dept. needs to be fired and save us his pension! He ruined that dept. so we send him home with paid leave lol


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