Want to Vote in the Primary? Disaffiliate by June 11

If you plan on voting in any primary this September, it's time to check your affiliations.

Rhode Island Secretary of State Ralph Mollis is reminding voters that June 11 is the deadline to disaffiliate from a political party.

If you plan on voting in a primary, you must be disaffiliated from any other party at least 90 days before the September primary.

For example, if you are a registered voter, and voted in any of the 2012 party primaries, you are currently registered in that party.  You must disaffiliate from that party if you wish to vote in another party’s primary.  The political parties in Rhode Island are Democrat, Moderate and Republican. If you are an Unaffiliated/Independent Voter, you may choose the party primary for which you wish to vote, and you will then become a member of that party. 

“I want to remind this year’s primary voters that the deadline is fast approaching to disaffiliate, so they may be eligible to vote in any primary they choose,” said Mollis.  “Voters may check which party they are registered with by visiting the Rhode Island Voter Information Center at https://sos.ri.gov/vic/.  By visiting this site, voters can also learn more information about their elected officials, check their voter registration status, locate their local board of canvassers, and view sample ballots for upcoming elections as well as learn where their polling place is.”


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