LETTER: Tiverton 1st Candidate Say Rumors To Abolish FTR Are False, Misleading

Tiverton 1st-endorsed candidates write a letter to dispel misinformation about their views on the Financial Town Referendum.

In recent days, there have been allegations made by Tiverton Citizens for Change (TCC) and candidates endorsed by this group that non-TCC-endorsed individuals are trying to over-turn the Financial Town Referendum (FTR). Such actions are, as purported, an attempt to undermine the will of the voters.

For the record, we, the undersigned, are candidates for Tiverton Town Council (though not endorsed by the TCC) and in no way, shape or form has any of us ever made any statement or claim regarding eliminating the Financial Town Referendum (FTR). The voters put it in place and so it is. Let’s move on.

This is really a non-issue in our opinion and a distraction from addressing the real issues facing Tiverton. It's a false rally cry meant to divide, not unite. Focusing on the FTR in this way is a waste of time and energy.

As is evidenced by the Candidate Forum hosted on October 18th by the Newport Daily News and broadcast on Cox Cable Access, all the candidates (at least the 12 of the 14 who attended) agree that focusing on economic development as a vehicle for lessening the residential tax burden and increasing our municipal revenue stream, in addition to a sound, transparent, and collaborative budgeting process is the way forward for making good on our responsibilities to the town and its citizens.

As candidates, we are ready and willing to roll up our sleeves and move forward, not dig in our heels and dwell on the past.


James J. Arruda, Renee DeJesus-Jones, Denise DeMedeiros, WIlliam P. Gerlach, Brett N. Pelletier Edward A. Roderick.

Joe Sousa. October 24, 2012 at 11:22 PM
The people of Tiverton voted for the FTR the way it was written. The petitioners budget is there to give the Tax payers a voice in the process . If the Tax payers are not happy with the proposed budget they can offer an alternative . Many members of the former CURB and now T1 have stated they disagree with that part of the FTR process. I believe they will continue to try to change this provisions with the up coming charter review . Gloria Crist is one of the members who would strip this right of the tax payers to offer an alternative budget from the FTR . Read her post and decide . I hope none of the candidates try if elected to change the FTR process, since it is a true form of democracy . I support the FTR as it is and will fight to keep it intact.
Gloria Crist October 25, 2012 at 11:31 AM
I always figured Joe Sousa was not the brightest bulb in the TCC box-( sadly,something they use to their advantage) and he just proved it. Again. I am not running for office-I have never stated anywhere I would strip the rights of anyone-and I have never stated I would (or could for that matter) over turn the FTR. I have no interest in going after the FTR. My interest is with community-this community-and persevering the rights, goods, services and education of everyone who lives here. The TCC is generating flat out lies-nothing new there-but now we have more people standing up against them. I am honored to recommend the Tiverton First candidates-they represent a collection of people who believe in community, in moving our town forward-with integrity,intelligence and compassion. If the TCC feels compelled to generate a bigger, better lie to fuel their agenda-it is only telling of how they continue to operate.
Tiverton Dad October 25, 2012 at 04:18 PM
So Joe, it's now changed from, "I know," to "I believe." It's a short trip from there to "I think," and "I just keep saying that because I hope people will believe me."
tivertontrue November 01, 2012 at 05:57 PM
Just the fact that the head of T1, the old curb, who fought so hard against the FTR and now hides in the background should be reason enough to avoid most of this group with faceless posters Brain Medorios is just not letting go and he and others are holding this town back
Brain Mederble November 03, 2012 at 09:08 PM
Welcome back, Jim. You are about as "tivertontrue" as one of your ghostwritten attack letters from Mr. Nelson.


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