Cranston Man Arrested for Trying to Destroy City Menorah

Peter Zendran is being held as a probation violator.

A Cranston man today was charged with malicious damage and resisting arrest for allegedly attempting to destroy a menorah outside Providence City Hall.

Providence police said two firefighters saw Peter Zendran, 34, knocking down the holiday display.

According to the Providence Journal, Zendron reportedly yelled at police and said the city shouldn't be putting up religious displays.

"This is an infringement of my [expletive] rights," the Journal reported.

Zendran was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was ordered held without bail as a probation violator. He will appear in court on Dec. 21.

The menorah was reportedly undamaged.

Zendran, according to his blog, is a follower of the faith of Zarathustra.

Melanie Scalera December 13, 2012 at 07:07 AM
Thanks SmallChange. Obviously RL has multiple personality disorder as well, since IT cannot remember it's assbag comments. I will not entertain nor associate with such a moron; therefore the jerk will not get the pleasure of playing it's internet troll games with me. I don't associate with lowlife losers who have low IQ....and LIE on top of it.
Robin Lionheart December 13, 2012 at 07:38 AM
[Correcting misdirected reply:] @SmallChange Sure, you can jump in. While that joke makes fun of your religion (which I did not 'insist that I respect'), it says not a single unkind word about Christians. No, you have not backed up Melanie’s claim of “Christianophobia”; neither fear nor hatred there, nor any scrap of intolerance. If I were to tell a joke mocking Mitt Romney, that would not make me intolerant of Republicans. Nor does telling a joke mocking Jesus make me intolerant of Christians.
Small Change December 13, 2012 at 12:53 PM
Robin continues to thrash around with- =If I were to tell a joke mocking Mitt Romney, that would not make me intolerant of Republicans. Nor does telling a joke mocking Jesus make me intolerant of Christians.= Sure. Just like if a student at a high school were to say to a black student 'You'll like lunch today - its watermelon and fried chicken.' Or to a gay student 'Time to put on your lipthtick and grab your purth,sweetie,', I mean- how could that be seen as intolerant , right? It's just a joke, just being funny, couldn't get in trouble for that, right? Once again, you will no doubt come up with some 'But that is different because...' with some strange wordplay, (because you refuse to simply state the truth - you feel its ok if you do it because, in your mind, you are smarter, and better, and right,) but what you are saying about Christians and their beliefs is every bit as offensive and intolerant.
Robin Lionheart December 14, 2012 at 04:29 AM
@Small Change, I agree with you that racist and homophobic jokes are intolerant, and never claimed otherwise. I said _this_ undead Jesus joke was not intolerant, not all jokes. Because it isn’t. (Also, I think puerile “Hey minority, go behave in a stereotypical way!” jokes are not only intolerant, but also not funny. That’s why I find Daniel Tosh so annoying.)
la_mouffette December 14, 2012 at 06:36 AM
Are you thinking of Scientology, Leave? Zoroastrianism is over 2500 years old, is not based on a novel, and is still practiced by many (perfectly sane) people, most of them ethnic Persians. I do think this guy is suffering some kind of mental illness, but I'm a lot less sure about his claims to be Zoroastrian...because, among other things, he also prominently claims to be an "Aristocrat" and posted something on Youtube to all the people "hunting him down", referring to his apartment as a "hideout". =( And, according to majority Zoroastrian belief, you can only become one if you 1. choose that religion and 2. inherit it through your parents. It's an ethno-religious group. Unless he's an ethnic Parsi (but could be, who knows?), there's not a strong chance this man is "officially" Zoroastrian.


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