Updated: Cranston Street Taco Bell Robbed

Credit: Boss Contractors
Credit: Boss Contractors
Cranston Police are investigating a robbery after a man wearing a ski mask and green gloves walked into the Taco Bell on Cranston Street and stole a cash drawer at around 8:30 p.m. Sunday night.

According to police reports, the tall white male did not show a weapon and walked out of the store on Cranston Street.

Cranston Police Major Robert W. Ryan said a clerk working at the take-out window told police that she was waiting on a customer when the man walked into the store, came directly behind the counter and grabbed the cash drawer from the register.

The man then fled on foot and ran east towards Field Street, which is located behind the Taco Bell.

Police responded with a large-scale search, fanning out throughout the area. Police did stop and interview a man walking his dog on Cranston street that a caller told police looked like the man who robbed the Taco Bell, but he didn't end up matching the description.

The suspect is described as a stocky white male, about 25-years-old wearing blue jeans, a black hooded sweater, black ski mask and green gloves.

The suspect did not display a weapon and there was no threat of force.

"He simply grabbed the cash drawer and fled with an undisclosed amount of money," Ryan said.

Police are investigating.

Becca January 07, 2014 at 06:29 AM
Didn't take long did it? Desperate people do desperate things!
Will Depp January 07, 2014 at 05:27 PM
The Cranston police will never find the guy unless someone either identifies him or he turns himself in. Cranston police can't tell their a$$es from their elbows.
Becca January 07, 2014 at 09:28 PM
@Will WOW
my world February 01, 2014 at 11:57 AM
yea they are way to busy givin out thousands of tickets. sitting in there car getting paid overtime at road repair sites speeding for no reason.i even seen a patrol car with a headlight out lf that was you or me we would be pulled over ,oh yea there becoming traffic safety HERO s now


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