Man Drives 85 mph in a 30 mph Zone, Assaults Cops after Chase

A 23-year-old Providence man faces a variety of charges including reckless driving and simple assault after he allegedly drove past two parked patrolmen going 85 mph on Reservoir Avenue and fought the cops as they tried to arrest him.

A 23-year-old Providence man faces a slew of charges after he allegedly drove 85 mph on Reservoir Avenue and tried to elude police after they began chasing him.

Franklin L. Cruz Merchan, of 21 Audubon Ave., Providence, reportedly was spotted by a pair of police officers stationed in front of Aaron's Furniture on Reservoir Avenue driving about 85 mph. The speed limit there is 30 mph.

The officers immediately began following Merchan's vehicle, a 2011 Hyundai Sonata, and observed him make an abrupt left turn onto Park Avenue without using his turn signal and through a red light. He continued to operate at a high rate of speed, police said, but eventually stopped across from 899 Park Avenue.

Officer Ryan M. Shore reported that Merchan refused to exit his vehicle and shouted expletives at him, stating that he didn't do anything.

After several more orders to step out of the car, Shore pulled Merchan out of the car and along with Officer Daniel Lee, managed to restrain Merchan and take him into custody. But it wasn't without a fight. Merchan kept his hands under his body, kicked and struggled before the cuffs were clicked into place.

Merchan is now facing charges of reckless driving, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and two counts of simple assault. He also is facing a variety of traffic violations.

Bail was set at $10,000 personal recognizance.

Kevin Fung March 23, 2012 at 02:22 AM
This story is nothing more than a fabrication of the truth. The Cranston, Providence, Warwick, North Kingstown, and especially the State Police in Rhode Island are horrible and liars. The police forget they are not above the law. Have you ever seen the way the state police drive on the highway. May I remind them that they take an oath to obide by the same laws we do. They drive extremely fast, use no directionals, and are assholes if you ever get stopped. The Cranston police department has a bunch of thugs with an attitude that have no conception of what it is to tell the truth. Lincoln police kick people and get away with it. This state and the amount of people they pull over is insane. Rhode Island has way to many police and nothing to do so they write tickets and pull people over for no reason and make up things. It's a shame. For all you police officers out there grow up and remember that the taxes we pay do pay your salary. People are struggling enough to make ends meet and you should consider that when you are meeting you quotas. F OFF.
Robert Ryder March 23, 2012 at 10:57 AM
right on Brother police are so rude and cocky ive yyet to see on stop to let u pull out in front of them they all got that im god attitude pulling people over to make qoutas should be illegal so many dumb laws get passed in RI cuz no one votes i love the window tint law most of the cops who write tickets for that have tint in their own private vehicles just go check the lot behind any police station its why people dont respect the police anymore their all assholes
Mark Schieldrop March 23, 2012 at 01:02 PM
This story was written directly from a police report, which is available at Cranston Police HQ.
Julia Turner March 25, 2012 at 03:27 PM
If the Police do not pull over a certain amount of violators then it looks like they are sitting in their cop cars "eating donuts". They do not need people always talking bad about them. I am glad they set up these check points on Garfield Ave and such to catch all these idiots driving without child restraints, no seat belt, no inspection stickers or no registrations. I am sick of people getting away with it in other cities such as Providence. Next time you are hit by someone driving like a A-hole don't bitch! They are doing their job instead of living the stereotype of "They don't do sh@t". I just wish these police would pull some ignorant drivers over more often. I am going to catch a road rage case one of these days with all these non drivers not using there blinkers and blowing stop signs. But no matter what these police do or don't do everyone is going to bitch about them anyway. Until you need them that is.


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