Men Caught Stealing from Cars

It's the fifth time police caught people stealing from cars in the last four months.

Cranston Police charged two West Warwick men with larceny from motor vehicles early in the morning on Dec. 27 — the fifth time in four months that police have caught people in the act.

And similar to the other incidents, police were called to the scene by an alert neighbor who saw the suspects walking yard to yard after midnight. 

It all began when the two West Warwick men were spotted walking up driveways and across yards to check car door handles to see if they were locked. Police arrived within moments and spotted the two men who immediately tried to run off.

A foot chase ensued and Sgt. Justin Dutra was able to apprehend the first suspect while he was trying to hide under a tarpaulin in a back yard. The suspect was identified as 19-year-old Michael McGuire, of 5 Pike St. in West Warwick.

The second suspect was apprehended a short time later by Officers Jeremy Machado and Bradford Duclos. When the officers attempted to take 22-year-old Douglas Lecuivre of 29 Wakefield St. in West Warwick into custody, he fought with them and resisted arrest. Both men were found to be in possession of a GPS unit, loose change, jewelry and cigarettes.

Located a short distance from where the arrests were made, officers located an older model black Jeep that belonged to the suspects parked just in from Wilbur Avenue at the entrance to Hines Farm Road. The vehicle was impounded and is being held at Police Headquarters for processing.

At this stage of the investigation, it appears as if only one car was entered on Hines Farm Road, but footprints left in the snow and slush indicate the suspects tried the door handles of several vehicles which were locked. If these vehicles had been left unlocked, the number of cars entered would have been much greater.

Cranston Police Chief Col. Marco Palombo, Jr. said “These arrests are reflective of our officer’s efforts to inform the residents to keep their vehicle’s locked and to call us immediately if they note anything suspicious...These efforts have led to 54% more arrests and 64% more clearances than the same time last year. This is significant. Our officers know the residents are depending on them and they are eager to rise to the occasion”

Both men were charged with larceny from a motor vehicle and conspiracy to commit larceny and Lecuivre was charged with an additional count of resisting arrest. 

nicole fine January 05, 2013 at 01:34 PM
They should be sent to the military to learn some respect, pride and accountability.
Mike White January 05, 2013 at 04:09 PM
First I garage my cars & alarm my house but anyone that violates my property I am ready for them. I have worked hard all my life and NO ONE will bother me.
Melanie Scalera January 05, 2013 at 10:55 PM
Stay in your own town, you Failtown (West Warwick) white trash scumbags!!!


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