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Overnight Parking Fines Could be Halved

The City Council is hoping lower fines will compel police to issue more overnight parking tickets to generate more revenue.

An Edsel wagon cruises by City Hall. (Patch file photo)
An Edsel wagon cruises by City Hall. (Patch file photo)
The City Council's Ordinance Committee voted unanimously on Thursday to lower overnight parking fines from $50 to $25 in the hopes of prodding police to issue more tickets and meet Cranston Mayor Allan W. Fung's expectation for increased ticketing revenue in the next fiscal year.

There's no secret that since the city increased the fine from $15 to $50 in 2009, police have been wary of issuing tickets to people whose cars are parked on the street. In terms of fines, the ticket is considered steep for what some say is a minor infraction.

But that has resulted in ticket revenues tanking, with just $250,000 collected so far this year with just two months to go in the fiscal year.  Next year's budget expects $525,000 in fees from ticket fines.

What that means is police will have to start issuing more fines than they have been, which City Council President John E. Lanni Jr. said is likely with a lower fine.

"Nobody can say they're being overcharged. I think it's a fair amount," he said.

Acting Cranston Police Chief Kevin M Barry has said that the officers on the street are aware they need to enforce the overnight parking ban.

The matter will now head to the full City Council for a vote before adoption.

Vinnie B. May 16, 2014 at 12:35 PM
Great, for the next 2 months every infraction will be enforced to boost fiscal year revenue.


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