Police Beat: Driving Without Anything, Squirrel Bite, $1,000 in Jeans, 'I've Got Money'

Recent incidents and arrests reported by Cranston Police.

The following arrests and incidents were reported by Cranston Police. They do not indicate a conviction.

Undocumented Car
Cranston Police seized a 1997 Nissan Maxima on May 14 after its occupants were stopped with no paperwork, no registration, no insurance and a bill of sale that didn’t match the car’s VIN data.

Police said they stopped the car because there was no front plate attached and the passenger side windshield was smashed.

The driver, Ariel Pena, 18, said the car belonged to his passenger, Cedric Hull, 19, who said the car was not registered and insured. He gave police a bill of sale dated April 14.

The plate on the car belonged to a Providence woman and was listed as active, police said. The car’s VIN number returned data indicating the car belonged to a different Providence woman and was actively registered to her.

Pena was summonsed for driving an unregistered vehicle, operating without insurance and misuse of registration.

The car was towed by .

Squirrel Bite
Cranston Police reported that a Chappy Street woman was bitten by a squirrel on May 14 while she walked near Sherman Field on Sherman Avenue.

According to police, the woman, 74, told police she saw a squirrel stuck in the netting on the field’s batting area. She tried to shake the squirrel loose and was bit on her left middle finger.

The state Department of Environmental Management was notified.

I’ve got money
Cranston Police issued a speeding ticket to Martin L. Abreau, 46, of 96 Lawrence St. on May 14, who told police that he would fight the ticket in court and wouldn’t have to appear himself because he would be sending a lawyer because he “had so much money.”

Cranston Police said Abreau was observed speeding about 12 mph over the posted 25 mph speed limit by an officer posted on Laurel Hill Avenue.

The officer followed Abreau, who continued to drive quickly before coming to a stop in his driveway on Lawrence Street.

Police said Abreau handed over his driver’s license reluctantly and immediately called his lawyer. The officer wrote a speeding ticket for 10 miles over the limit, noting “this is a reduction from 37 in a 25 which is a vastly greater fine in an effort to show Mr. Abreau a courtesy.”

Abreu told the officer that he worked in the city and “knew a lot of people.”

“I asked him what he meant by this and he indicated ‘don’t worry about it,’” the officer reported.

Cranston Police charged Lincoln Albert Totimeh, 46, of 87 Althean Ave., Providence, with disorderly conduct May 15 after he allegedly threatened the store manager at the Garfield Avenue Dollar Tree.

Police said they observed Totimeh screaming obscenities and waiving his hands around upon arrival. When asked to leave, Totimeh told police that he wouldn’t because he “worked there” and then began yelling incoherently and pointing his fingers and “becoming animated with his hands,” police reported.

Totimeh was taken into custody after a responding officer said he was worried he was about to get assaulted.

Cranston Police charged three Providence women with shoplifting May 12 after they allegedly tried to steal two sets of bedding sheets and kitchen towel set worth $84 from the Building 19 store on Bald Hill Road.

Police said Nidia Molina, 49, of 279 Chad Brown St., Providence;  Antonia Nunez, 61, of 104 Congress Ave., Providence; and Doralisse Nunez, 27, of 105 Sassafras St., Providence, were observed by store security concealing the sheets and towels in large handbags. They were stopped by a security guard in the parking lot.

The guard told police he saw numerous Savers price tags strewn about the inside of the car the women were attempting to leave in.

Police said all three women were charged with one count each of shoplifting and conspiracy.

The Savers’ tags came from merchandise stolen from their Warwick store, police said, including the bags they were trying to use to conceal the sheets and towels they were caught stealing at Building 19.

Cranston Police charged three Providence men with a variety of charges for their involvement in a series of shoplifting incidents at the Gap and Banana Republic in Garden City Center during which more than $1,000 worth of jeans were stolen over several days.

Police said they were notified of the thefts by a loss prevention officer at the Gap, who recognized the shoplifters when they walked into the store on May 12. The same men were recorded on surveillance video stealing piles of jeans on May 10 and 11.

Charged were:

Davon Rich, 18, of 787 Potters Ave. Providence, with three counts of felony shoplifting and three counts of conspiracy.

Edwin Espinal, 19, of 136 Clarence St., Providence, charged with three counts of conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

Ryan Candelier, 18, of 28 Jillson St., Providence, charged with three counts of conspiracy and resisting arrest.


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