Police Beat: Soliciting on Route 10, DUI, Knife in Street, Lunchbox Full of Pennies

Recent arrests and incidents reported by Cranston Police.

The following incidents were reported by Cranston Police. They do not indicate convictions.

Auto Theft
Cranston Police charged 34-year-old William Perry Cosper, 34, with motor vehicle theft and felony larceny May 29 after he allegedly stole a Buick LeSabre from the that was left with the engine running in the parking lot.

Police said the car was found outside Cosper’s mother’s house and police found Cosper hiding in his bedroom in the closet.

No seat belt
Cranston police cited a Providence man for not wearing a seat belt May 25 after he was spotted driving without one by Officer Donald K. Salvatore Jr., who was on a Click It or Ticket detail on Cranston Street.

Police said Richard R. Ponte, 37, of 149 Peace St., Providence, was driving his white Infiniti while wearing a lime green shirt without a seatbelt around 7:40 a.m. Due to traffic, the officer lost sight of his car on Cranston Street, but a few minutes later, Ponte passed by in the opposite direction, still not wearing his seat belt.

Ponte was stopped and issued a summons for driving without a seatbelt. He was also found to be driving with a suspended license and will appear in District Court for that charge on June 7.

Cranston Police cited a Providence man with soliciting on a roadway May 25 after he was observed allegedly asking people for money at the Route 10 off-ramp onto Niantic Avenue.

Police said Jeffrey Tarboz, 55, of 160 Broad St., Providence, was issued summons 10.40.070 for soliciting on a roadway and is due to appear in court on June 19.

Tarboz was recognized by the responding officer “as someone I have dispersed numerous times for soliciting from a roadway.”

When asked why he was there “after I have dispersed him numerous times. . .he could not give me an answer,” a police report stated.

charged Julio A. Tejada, 32, of 75 Lake St., Cranston, with driving under the influence and refusing a chemical test May 28 after he reportedly had an accident on Cranston Street and officers detected the smell of alcohol on his breath.

Police said the accident occurred at 964 Cranston Street around 6:38 p.m. Tejada said he took a last minute turn into the gas station lot and struck the curb, police said.

Police said Tejada fumbled with his paperwork, swayed as he stood and reeked of alcohol. He refused a chemical test after failing a field sobriety test.

Cranston Police charged Alyssa Rodriguez, 24, of 754 Broad St., Providence, with shoplifting May 25 after store security at the Garfield Avenue Stop and Shop caught her allegedly attempting to steal $230 worth of groceries.

Police said Rodriguez said “times are rough” and the incident “was a lack of judgment on her behalf and she was sorry.”

Rodriguez was charged with one count of shoplifting and will appear in District Court on June 7.

On May 25, Cranston Police charged Sheila Rossi, 62, of 60 Perkins Ave., Cranston, with shoplifting for allegedly attempting to steal $48 worth of items from the .

Police said Rossi concealed the items while in the store and tried to walk out without paying. She was confronted by a loss prevention officer and was taken back into the store where she waited until police arrived.

Rossi will appear in District Court on June 7.

On May 27, Cranston Police charged Aida Wynns, 39, of 95 Carr St., Providence, with shoplifting after she allegedly tried to steal $136.93 worth of groceries from the .

On May 27, Cranston Police charged Eric M. Maddalena, 19, of 1362 Plainfield St., Cranston, with shoplifting for allegedly attempting to steal about $40 worth of items from the .

Police said Maddalena concealed Old Spice deodorant, two boxes of cough medicine, a box of frozen hamburgers and three packages of linguica and tried to leave the store without paying.

Maddalena was apprehended by store security outside the entrance and was escorted back inside to wait for police to arrive.

Found VHS Tapes
A Florida Avenue man alerted police to a lost cache of VHS tapes and a lunch box full of pennies after they were left behind at the playground on May 26.

Police said the items were left by a juvenile who was playing in the park earlier that day. The good Samaritan, John J. White, said it started to rain and he noticed the juvenile and parents were gone. He put them in his garage to keep them dry and waited for the child and parents to come back. They didn’t, so he called police.

Police said the items included ten various VHS tapes, a lunchbox full of pennies, and a camera. 

Found Knife
Cranston Police removed a 13 inch knife from the road near Broad Street and Massasoit Avenue May 27 around 8:53 a.m. The knife, a kitchen knife, is being held at Cranston Police headquarters for safekeeping.

Suspended Licenses
On May 26 at 11:20 a.m.: Marlone Isidro, 34, of 1012 Pontiac Ave., Cranston, after police ran a check of his license when he was involved in a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Pontiac Avenue and Sockanosset Road.

On May 29 at 10:03 p.m.: Joe Dean Brooks, 30, of 17 Lawrence St., Pawtucket, after police saw him driving a white Infinity I30 with license plates that had improper registration stickers. Police learned Brooks’ license was suspended after a he was stopped.

On May 29 at 12:08 a.m.: John P. McEvoy, 19, of 143 Beckwith St., Cranston, after police saw him make a turn without using his blinker. A routine check of his information after the traffic stop showed his license was suspended.


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