Were you ticketed? Here's the List

Are you one of the people who were ticketed in Wards 1 or 3 the nights that police allegedly ticketed like wildfire in retaliation for the votes of City Councilmen Paul Archetto and Steve Stycos against a new police contract?

Along with accusing Cranston police of doing just that, Stycos handed out a list of addresses that were ticketed. We've attached the list as a PDF to this article. 

Look closely and click "download PDF" next to the image to check out the addresses.


Councilmen Say Their Wards Mass-Ticketed in Retaliation for Police Contract Vote

After voting against a new police contract, Councilmen Steve Stycos and Paul Archetto say their wards were targeted by a rash of tickets in retaliation.

Fung: "I Do Not Condone Any Type of Intimidating Behavior"

Cranston Mayor Allan W. Fung has responded to allegations of abuse of power at the Cranston Police Department over a flurry of parking tickets that two city councilmen say were issued in retribution against their votes.

Becca December 17, 2013 at 11:38 PM
They always win so don't bother trying to argue with them. It's all a political ploy with them. Shame on the City for allowing this to happen to the RESIDENTS that pay their salary's!
millerheaton December 18, 2013 at 04:57 PM
Shame on what, scofflaws parked on the street and got a ticket. When it snows, the plow goes around the car, making a nuisance for people who actually follow the ordinances. Don't want a ticket, don't park illegally. I wish they'd come do some more enforcement in ward one for all the courtesy ordinances that nobody follows: dog poop pick up, cover your barrels so we don't have rats, license your dog, don't let it run loose, don't park in the street over night when it's snowing...


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