$1.2 Million CDBG Grant will Fund Some Flood Buyouts

Nine properties are eligible for the buyouts, though the money won't be able to cover all nine houses. The grant was announced at a press conference yesterday.

The city received a $1.27 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to buy up to nine flood-affected properties on Perkins Avenue.

The grant was announced at a press conference yesterday at the end of Perkins Avenue — the same street that was under more than six feet of water at the peak of the historic floods in March 2010.

In attendance attendance were more than a dozen residents of the flood-stricken neighborhood who expressed a mixture of relief, sadness and frustration.

Relief, since a few now have the chance of walking away from their homes potentially without losing massive amounts of money. Sadness, because for many, these are homes that they and their children have called home for years. And frustration, since the grant won't be able to cover all nine eligible properties and dozens more victims of the historic floods are not on the list.

For more details about the buyouts, including interviews with property owners and video from the press conference, check back later today.


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