Arlington Reading Room Will Reopen June 20

Library officials said the Arlington Reading Room, which was closed after the Senior Center was damaged in last week's storm, will reopen on June 20.

If you've been missing the since it was closed last week due to storm damage, you'll have to wait just one more weekend to get your book fix.

In a release, the library system said the Arlington Reading Room will open on June 20.

The smallest library in the city's library network, the Arlington Reading Room is housed in the same building as the Cranston Senior Center. The Senior Center was walloped by a microburst, or column of rapidly descending air, in the that passed through the area last week. 

The building's roof, which was in the midst of a rehabilitation project, was compromised by the rain and wind and a large amount of water got through and into the building. Roof tiles turned to mush and several inches of water accumulated on the auditorium floor. 

The water also soaked carpets. Cleaning crews have been working furiously to remediate the damage and get the facility back in order as quickly as possible, city officials said.

It could take an to normal operation. In the meantime, activities have been drastically scaled back and is only open for lunch.


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