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Council Puts Pressure on Mayor's Office for Ticket Blitz Answers

City Councilman Paul Archetto.
City Councilman Paul Archetto.
The City Council got a pledge from the mayor's office Thursday night that Cranston Mayor Allan W. Fung will sit down for a private meeting with City Council members to brief them on the ongoing so-called ticket blitz investigation and other issues surrounding the state of the Cranston Police Department.

Despite the promise to shed light on matters in a to-be scheduled executive session meeting, council members on the Finance Committee still approved a resolution that calls for the mayor to appear before the council to answer questions about the overnight parking ticket investigation. 

They also approved measures that ask for the state police to provide a report to the City Council on their findings on both the parking ticket probe as well as a variety of unspecified "issues" in the department, mostly relating to personnel matters.

Some members of the council said the mayor's office has left them in the dark in recent weeks as the overnight parking ticket scandal rages on and the state police continue to simultaneously run and investigate the Cranston Police Department.

Cranston's Chief of Staff, Carlos Lopez, said the holidays, snowstorms and other unforeseen circumstances caused the cancellation of a leadership meeting between the mayor and the City Council President last month, and there has been no concerted effort to withhold information from the council.

Instead, Lopez pushed back against accusations from Councilman Paul Archetto, who said it's "another example of the shroud of secrecy" in the mayor's office.

"I am available 24/7," Lopez said, noting that not one council member called him since the scandal erupted before resolutions were made and council members spoke to the news media. 

Lopez said the mayor can't just publicly divulge details about ongoing investigations and chided the council for what he characterized as grandstanding in front of the TV cameras that were in council chambers Thursday night.

"I'll stand here right now and I'll bet my career on this," Lopez said. "The mayor is a man of integrity, this administration is one that works in an honest and efficient manner and to have [the resolutions] like a public document is unsettling and more importantly disappointing that you'd think that lowly of the mayor and this administration."

At one point during the meeting, the City Council's lawyer and the deputy city solicitor were at odds over whether the resolution should be voted on in the first place.

And not all council members are were on board with the resolution. 

Don Botts voted against it and said the council should let the investigation run its course and that Archetto's statements about alleged police misconduct presumed guilt.

"Why have an investigation then?" Botts asked.

Councilman Michael Favicchio — not a member of the Finance Committee — asked why the rush?

"Why in the world can't we wait until we get a report or the mayor gets a report? Favicchio asked. "Why do we need to rush to get every bit of information when we haven't gotten a complete report? Is it because of the media? Is it because the mayor is running for governor?"

This story will be updated later on Friday.

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Bob January 17, 2014 at 10:52 AM
Cranston's Chief of Staff, Carlos Lopez...Clueless....what do you expect him to say.....Where was Fung and his stolen iPad.......this is fast becoming a circus act with the Mayor, Lopez and the CPD as the main attraction in the main ring....City Council ....keep hammering away at the them. DO NOT BACK DOWN !!!!
Ray Angell January 17, 2014 at 06:37 PM
So yes this is a serious matter and anytime there is an allegation of police misconduct it should be thoroughly investigated. That does not mean that politicians like Councilmen Archetto and Stycos should try to capitalize on the situation and turn it into a side show. More time was spent talking about the cost of a non-existent investigation than the impact of the agreement b/w the fire and police retirees. When it came time to discuss that huge issue, Archetto was busy giving his sound bite to a Channel 10 reporter so hopefully he educates himself on the matter before the final vote. And yes-as a retired Sgt and 25 year veteran of the police department I am insulted by the behavior of council people who seemingly could care less that this agreement helps the City of Cranston for years to come. The questions asked clearly demonstrate they have not taken the time to learn exactly what has gone on to get this issue to its current status. The Resolution put forward by the Finance Comm. is insulting to the good men and women of the CPD and also asks the RISP to make recommendations re the contract and rules/regs. The agency is nationally accredited and if changes are to be made there is a collective bargaining process-it's called the law how about recognizing it? Lastly, am I the only one that wonders why sworn law enforcement officers in Cranston that have the authority to make arrests, enter homes and businesses, and yes take a life if it is called for-don't have the courage to stand up and speak their piece in a public way? If you are that easily intimidated maybe seek a new career. Anonymous letters and innuendo do nothing to solve the situation-they only add to the turmoil and stress. Let's try to remember to keep the focus on the mission-public safety, quality of life, and arrest the bad guys/girls and bring them to justice. The rest is simply a waste of time. #260
Stillhouse Stevie January 17, 2014 at 08:14 PM
Ray, um excuse me, Ray Angel esq. you and the wife have been separated from CPD for a while and don't know the details. it's been a while since both you & the wife whole heartily endorsed Palumbo in the "fight" against McGrath. If you & the wife were still on the job you would be appalled, not only from your legal experience but from being a human being, or maybe not. Who cares about your opinion? Your long gone. Stycos & Archetto and their constituents got caught in a tempest & want to know why. And as far as I know The RISP are in charge & that doesn't happen by coincidence. As the "good" union president suggests. Wake up councilor Ray!
Becca January 18, 2014 at 09:25 AM
The ticket issue is a "guppie" here the "BIG" fish is why the Captains were suspended with $$$ and then all of a sudden brought back? Sounds fishy to me as well as many many taxpayers residents! Mayor Fung needs to make changes soon or he will be looking for a job January 2015 as the CPD has certainly hurt his chances in the upcoming election!
Stillhouse Stevie January 18, 2014 at 10:44 AM
Becca, I agree but the ticket scandal has led us " down the rabbit hole". and now with RISP to determine whether some Cranston police officers violated the law, their oath of office or police department procedures.... all I can say is buckel-up it's gonna be a wild ride!
Becca January 18, 2014 at 12:49 PM
@Stillhouse Stevie I agree 100%. Going to be very interesting! As a taxpayer all that did do wrong need to be fired & lose all benefits pension etc...
Stillhouse Stevie January 18, 2014 at 10:00 PM
Cranston resident January 19, 2014 at 11:29 PM
Well said Ray Angell. The job is full of cowards now, you and others from the "old school" would never make now. It's a whole new (and dirty) ball game.
PMarandola January 20, 2014 at 07:19 PM
@Ray you & your wife have your pension(s) enjoy them otherwise your skeltons may appear! And talk about "hiding" look whos hiding? Your best friend is, he (SC) was a huge supporter of the now suspended Colonel and all of a sudden he is a turncoat protecting himself! RISP will turn every stone upside down & The TRUTH will prevail!
Stillhouse Stevie January 20, 2014 at 09:08 PM
A few words for all these clowns to be afraid of, PERJURY. Then the other one is GIGLIO then comes... http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=M5QGkOGZubQ good luck with that cranston resident. Ray angel, anyone who begins a conversation with "so" Is ether a d-bag, lawyer or politician...or all three. Yeah, praise the good ol days when splitting people and shooting them and keeping quite was ok.
Stillhouse Stevie January 20, 2014 at 10:07 PM
@PMarindola, I hear that under every stone there is a Henry, Antonucci or Ryan tugging on their collars pointing to Palumbo. LOL
Melody Cassel January 20, 2014 at 10:31 PM
Well, I see that nothing has changed at CPD-still the same bunch of whiners throwing crap & threats around but not having the stones to reveal themselves. Oh, no, wait - they have - it's the ever-present "anonymous" snakes, rats & cowards crew. Just sayin', Mel Cassel
Stillhouse Stevie January 20, 2014 at 10:45 PM
Oh Mel, don't be angry or sad. This is what the current CPD "leadership" & union "leadership" has brought CPD down to, State Police control and investigation. Don't be sad that you endorsed Palumbo. We learn from our experience. Right?
Becca February 05, 2014 at 10:48 PM
Whos hiding? Besides the truth prevails!


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