City Councilman: Trash Bins Come with a Price

City Council Vice President Michael Farina said the city's new trash contract comes with bigger bins — and a price for taxpayers.

Cranston City Council Vice President Michael Farina wrote the following. We're posting it in its entirety:

New automated trash pickup is coming to Cranston. It is a needed and welcome change that as a Cranston resident I appreciate. I am glad that this got done in 2014. 

There is however one issue that as a taxpayer I have a problem with. Mayor Fung and his administration have negotiated and approved a waste management contract that limits the amount of trash that will be picked up per household and the limit is one 65 gallon trash bin per household. A resident can purchase another trash bin at an additional cost of $150 per year. Without paying this fee no additional trash will be removed from a residence. 

This hidden cost associated with the new program has created a use tax for trash. Will the 65 gallon trash bin be enough for a household? Do people have more trash than the 65 gallon bin will allot for? No evidence has been presented to the people to show that the new 65 gallons is enough. No one has said how many of the residents will be affected by having to pay this new fee. The City Council did not have to approve the contract and had no input in the negotiations or the approval of the contract. 

Cranston is a bedroom community with a large population of nuclear families and their purse strings may need to be tightened due to the change and the citizens are the ones taking the risk. In Warwick trash bins are 90 gallons, they did not default to the smaller size and share a similarity in population density as Cranston. The city had the opportunity to get larger bins during contract negotiations but the Mayor and his staff went with 65 gallon bins on a judgment call and choose to pass any additional cost on to the taxpayer. 

Now the taxpayers in Cranston will have to come up with another $150 per year on top of already high taxes in Cranston. Cranston should have gone with larger bins or provided its citizens and the City Council with proof that the 65 gallon bin was sufficient. So as you read articles that herald Mayor Fung and his administration for getting new trash bins in Cranston know that they have created a new trash use tax and the citizens will pay the price.

Michael Farina is the Cranston City Council Vice President and represents the city as an at-large or citywide council person. 

Full details on the new city waste contract: 

New Waste Contract Will Save City $200,000


65 Gallon Bins, Automated Trash Trucks Coming This Summer

Bob March 02, 2014 at 05:15 PM
I still have not received my answer....what bin do we put the Politicians in ???
my world March 02, 2014 at 06:24 PM
hey rusty hey bob we already know what needs to be done, you hem up the whole system until there's no choice but to clean house ,
10speed March 02, 2014 at 07:26 PM
@ My world ... agree with you on Feb 28 about the banks ... seems as if there is no regulation. Need a crackdown here. About the co-mingling... think about it, if you have to pay bucks up front for the bin for a year why not use it to your full advantage. Recycling different kinds of waste is never going to be economical. It has proved expensive for those states that do recycling but it a necessity. You do understand recycling certain products don't you? Just sayin'.
10speed March 02, 2014 at 07:41 PM
@ rusty... Most if not all waste management companies have programs already under the recycle program where, if you call their number they will come out on certain days of the week ( or maybe just once per year) to pick your bulk items ie... wood scraps, water heaters, pool heaters, couches, other furniture ... just anything you can think of. Paint and other hazardous products have to be taken by you to a special place. These items require special handling. You may be limited on the amount of certain items though. And too, this services for bulk items is usually free and all you have to do is call their number. Items like these have to be brought to the curb in most places as they will not come onto your property and all loose items have to be tied into bundles so that they can be handled and loaded into the truck with a minimum of work. Recycling is easy if you know the standards of the system.
my world March 03, 2014 at 05:29 AM
10speed I have more knowledge on recycling then you would care to know, from when its picked up curbside all the way to the landfill or local recycling companies in the state . talk about real recycling cardboard wood metals. your kind of recycling is more along the trash basicly whats left over from the real recycling that's being done but tipping fees are getting higher and that means you need more cover material at the landfill but the cost has to be passed down to someone and we all know who that someone is tax payers. and if the trash pickup date is delayed you still have the same problem overloaded trash barrels with shit still all over the ground backlogging the trash route I could go on and on but maybe another day,


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