Dem. City Chair Says Fung's Announcement is Political Spin

The Chairman of the Cranston Democratic City Committee said recent announcements by Mayor Allan W. Fung that the state police will be investigating the Cranston Police Department for the so-called ticket blitz scandal and other allegations are a "weak attempt to spin his way out of this scandal."

In a fiery release, Sepe said Fung has "repeatedly blocked a thorough and independent investigation of what appears at best as police-state tactics to stifle City Council free speech or at worst criminal conduct."

But on Thursday, when shortly before a planned City Council vote to take legislative action to ask the State Police to intervene in the matter, Fung "hastily circled his wagons and appeared before the T.V. cameras."

Here's the complete text of Sepe's release:

New Jersey has its political - vendetta inspired George Washington Bridge traffic jams.  Cranston has apparently unlawful use of public resources  by certain public officials to reach a political goal.  Is there any correlation between these 2-scandals?

Reports of the New Jersey Bridge - Gate scandal surfaced months ago.  Initially and repeatedly thereafter Governor Chris Christie steadfastly denied that his office had any involvement in the traffic jams until Wednesday - when an e-mail surfaced from his deputy chief of staff which points the finger into the governor’s office.  On Thursday Governor Christie fessed up and apologized to his constituents and accepted responsibility.           

Until Thursday Cranston’s Mayor Fung had juked  and dodged reliable reports that his police department vanquished Ward One and Ward Three car owners with over 120 - parking tickets in reprisal for the votes, of the councilmen in these wards, against a police union contract which would have substantially benefitted many members of Cranston Police Department command staff at great cost to Cranston’s property tax payers.    

Until Thursday Mayor Fung, as Cranston Safety Commission, had repeatedly blocked  a thorough and independent investigation of what appears at best as police-state tactics to stifle City Council free speech or at worst criminal conduct.

Finally, on Thursday at the eleventh hour when the City Council was prepared to take legislative action to refer this ticket scandal to the Rhode Island State Police, 

Mayor Fung hastily circled his wagons and appeared before the T.V. cameras in a weak attempt to spin his way out of this scandal by  taking credit for the referral to the State Police.

It’s time to ask Mayor Fung “when he knew” about the 120 - plus parking tickets on the night they were issued, “when he knew” about them and “with whom”  he discussed this abusive ticketing strategy.  Only then can we expect to see any semblance of restoration of the public’s confidence in Mayor Fung’s capacity to administer to the affairs of the City of Cranston and its police Department.


Patrick Boyd January 10, 2014 at 09:03 PM
I'm trying to remember when Mr. Sepe became involved in this mess and he was asking for answers. Oh yeah, he just now opens his mouth and it has nothing to do with getting answers as to how this could have happened. I'm amazed that the RI Democratic Party hasn't kicked Mr. Sepe out yet, especially after the candidate that ran against Fung failed to get any votes in the last election!
dphs18 January 10, 2014 at 09:48 PM
The democrats are responsible for the economic disaster otherwise known as Rhode Island. At least Fung is not walking lock step with Fox and Weed.
nicole fine January 11, 2014 at 07:50 PM
Sepe is creepy!
Bob January 11, 2014 at 08:12 PM
Sepe = has been, wanna be, hack clown who never had anything to say...never did ...never will...Get lost


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