Halal on the Menu at the ACI

The state settled a 2008 lawsuit filed by Muslim inmates.

The Adult Correctional Institutions will be serving Halal meals to Muslim inmates after reaching a settlement with a group of inmates who filed suit in 2008.

In the lawsuit, the inmates argued that the state refused to provide the Halal meals, substituting vegetarian meals which do not respect Muslim practice.

WPRI reported that that inmates also asked to pray in a group and wear Kufi head wear outside their cells, but those requests were rejected because of security concerns.

Halal food follows Islamic Law and is prepared under specific circumstances. It must not be prepared, processed or stored near or in contact with food that does not obey Islamic Law.

Some foods which are considered unlawful are: pigs, boars, carnivorous animals with claws and fangs, birds of prey with claws, animals that live on both land and in water, all poisonous aquatic animals and food additives. Animals must be slaughtered properly with respect and causing the animal as little pain as possible. Typically, the jugular vein is cut to cut off oxygen to the brain and pain receptors. 

An ACI spokeswoman couldn't say how much the Halal food will cost.

Joe Jones July 31, 2012 at 10:26 AM
OMG Why not take these criminals to Capital Grill as well? They are in prison because they BROKE the law...so we reward them. Unreal...good people are starving but hey feed the criminals and not the people who deserve it! The courts in US are so bad...
J August 20, 2012 at 04:02 PM
I don't have faith in the court system. On the 14th I was brutally attacked in my own living room. The attacked bit me all over my face, arm and fingers, he then tried to permanently blind me by jamming his finger into my eye. I have huge claw marks on my back along with a deep cut on my head. My elderly disabled mom was home and all I could think of is to get the attacker out of the house which by a miracle I was able to do. I slammed the door shut and hit 911. The next day I found out the court released him on PR. He's a well known drug dealer and drives around with a shot gun. Now I'm scarred for life and have damage to my back while he is free to sell his drugs to pay his legal fees.


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