Lopez Gets Raise, New Title, New Responsibilities

Carlos Lopez's new job title will be chief of staff as part of a reorganization of the mayor's office.

There are some changes afoot personnel-wise in the mayor's office, though no extra money will come out of the budget.

Six weeks ago, Deputy Director of Administration Mark Capuano left the city for a job in the private sector.

With that job vacant, city officials took the opportunity to reorganize several positions and shift certain responsibilities.

Carlos Lopez, who has been serving as the director of constituent affairs, will get a pay increase from $49,567 to $60,590 and his job title will now be chief of staff.

Marissa Campisani, who joined the city this summer, will now be the director of constituent affairs, earning a salary of $45,390. That's an increase from the $37,235 she got as the confidential secretary to executive staff.

That position actually will see a decrease in annual salary, down to $34,183.

Director of Administration Gerald Cordy told the City Council last night that to call the changes a "slight reorganization" would be an "oversimplification."

Lopez will be getting a host of new responsibilities, including being in charge of the mayor's direct support staff and continuing to handle constituent issues forwarded to him by the City Council.

He also will serve as a liaison between the city and all state and national agencies and will be involved in policy creation and implementation going forward, Cordy said.

Bob August 28, 2012 at 01:48 PM
Lopez was useless as "constituent liason"...my guess he'll be useless in this gig too...only getting paid more....freakin outrage......


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