[VIDEO] Malik, Costa Square Off

RI Voter Coalition hosts Saturday morning, Oct. 27, candidates' forum in the Bristol library.

A candidates' forum that included a debate between the incumbent and challenger in District 67 (Barrington/Warren) was held Saturday morning, Oct. 27, in Bristol.

Rep. Jan Malik, a Democrat from Warren, squared off against his Republican challenger, Peter Costa Jr. of Barrington.

The forum in the Rogers Free Library was sponsored by the Rhode Island Voter Coalition, described as non-partisan, civil engagement group designed for the sole purpose of getting people involved in their government through an individual examination of their representation.

Click here to see a video of the forum.

Gary Morse October 29, 2012 at 12:02 PM
There is little doubt that for over two decades, RI has squandered opportunities putting us at the bottom of the barrel in virtually every fiscal measure. How did RI get so far into a pension mess, when states like North Carolina faced the same funding problems, but now have healthy pension plans? The answer in a word is RI cronyism. Barrington's current status as being one of the highest taxed communities in the state, and in the nation, when measured on a per capita basis (the correct measurement), drives home the message that there is no room left for more tax increases. The issue is NOT "38 Studios", but instead, why was the General Assembly so desperate that they would vote blindly for a $125 million dollar spending initiative in the middle of the night without understanding where or how the money would be spent. No goals, no measurements, just throw more taxpayer money into the hands of RI cronies in the hopes the problem might be solved. RI cronyism is the problem.
Joel Hellmann October 29, 2012 at 01:46 PM
I agree with Gary. The pensions which were and by the way still are the huge problem unless you agree with the treasurer that we will average %7.5 return on the pension investments. Individual reps like Malik and Hearn, even being in the majority party are rarely on the inside on what is going on. You can hold the leadership responsible for 38 but not the members who did not know. to make it seem like it is their fault is just wrong, and it makes the candidates who try to make that case look uninformed and opportunistic. And Reuplicans are marginalized even further. Cronyism is the probllem and if you are not a crony then in the state house you are nothing.


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