New Master Plan Submitted for Rolling Greens

Rolling Greens comes back on the planning commission table next month.


The North Kingstown Planning Commission is getting a look at a new master plan for a proposed village center development at Rolling Greens Golf Course next month. The mixed-use housing and commercial project, called The Preserve at Rolling Greens and located at the intersection of Route 2 and 102, shows 50,000 sq. ft. of commercial development and 106 housing units  - more than the respective 35,000 sq. ft. of commercial and 92 residential units proposed in the last variation of the project’s master plan. (View the full master plan here.)

Additionally, the plan features a new clubhouse for the golf course, a new Oatley’s Restaurant (which was built in 1965), tennis courts and a gazebo. A three-acre area of land on the western edge of the golf course, abutting Rosewood Estates and the Town of Exeter) will remain “undisturbed” and become a “natural preserve,” next to a pond lot.

The commercial portion of the development, 50,000 sq. ft., will include several buildings of varying sizes and located at the intersection of South County Trail (Route 2) and Ten Rod Road (Route 102) at the southwesterly corner of the property. The plan also shows six live/work units behind the retail area, with an office on the first level and a one-bedroom residence on the second. According to the proposal, these units are ideal for “an attorney or architect [who] may wish to live on a second floor while maintaining an office on the first floor.”

On the residential side, the project is proposing 43 two-bedroom duplex units, 21 one-bedroom duplex units, 13 two-bedroom townhouses, 20 two-bedroom single family units and three three-bedroom single family homes (which already exists on Ten Rod Road but will be relocated to the southeastern corner of the development.) Coupled with the live/work units, this totals up to 106 total residential units. According to the master plan, the residential component of the project is “age targeted” and attempting to attract “empty nesters.”

To minimize the impact of the village center, developers are planning to incorporate stormwater management, incorporating low impact developments as well as roof collection and recharge systems, rain gardens and more.

The proposal also states that “approximately 85 out of 131.85 acres will remain unchanged by the proposed development. One-third of the parcel area is devoted to new development, leaving the other two thirds as open space”

The new master plan comes after the passage of a new zoning district in town – the compact village development (CVD) – which allows developers to mix commercial and residential buildings and enhance existing village centers. The new district came about during last year’s discussion in the planning commission regarding The Preserve at Rolling Greens.

The controversial development has come under heavy scrutiny from many residents, who have sent letters to the media, route: {:controller=>"articles", :action=>"show", :id=>"letter-to-the-editor-deny-the-preserve-at-rolling-greens"} --> and . The project has also helped trigger a debate on the future of the Route 2/102 intersection. Using leftover grant money, the Town of North Kingstown has . The developer of Rolling Greens (Mark Hawkins) along with Vaughn Oatley of

Straight Talker September 20, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Mark Hawkins and Vaughn Oatley are both members of the stakeholder group formed by the Town Council to come up with a concensus for what is right for the corner of route 2/102. it seems to me that Mark and Vaughn have already decided what should happen at that intersection. Is the visioning process just a scam directed by the TC, so they can tell Statewide Planning that they did everything they were required to do to get their comprehensive plan approved? Has the TC already agreed to this development and everybody is just going thru the motions?
SCL September 20, 2012 at 04:39 PM
If the CVD had continued to include boundaries between Rts 1 and 4, as many urged, this would not be an issue. I certainly hope the people of NK are smart enough NOT to allow the developer to be a member of the Town Council. It's obvious he wants to be in a position to push this through without consideration for what's in the best interest of NK residents.
Mike September 20, 2012 at 07:55 PM
I'd like to mention that this new 50,000 square feet of commercial property is far in excess of the current zoning for that property area. It appears that more commercial property is added with each iteration of the plan. Maybe that is the real agenda, converting rural residential into commercial? I'm having trouble identifying the view show in the photo above since there are so many HUGE buildings shown on what used to be rural farmland. Is this a view southward from Oatley's (where the non-existent rotary is shown in the middle)?
In the interest of Fairness November 27, 2012 at 08:58 PM
Most of the Town Council is corrupt. The conflicts of interest on the part of some of the members is obvious. The process was doomed to be a sham. They will leave a legacy of bitterness and injustice in this town for many years to come. May they and their children some day experience the same disregard for their rights as they've shown for the 350 families in the Rolling Greens area. Greed isn't good. It's shameful.
Politics Sheriff of NK February 20, 2013 at 03:54 AM
I was warning about Hueston, Dolan, NKGOP years ago. Did anyone listen? A few did. But not enough to organize into a group that could have taken back the council. And we are paying the price with every move they make. Would have taken like about 20 or 30 people (out of 27000). Thats it. Sad, really, that these blow-ins trash our town and get away with it. Lay waste to scenic rural lands and neglect the northern end at the same time, all while violating years of the comprehensive plan. You may as well have a drink, Dolan surely is.


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