Tiverton 1st Announces 2012 Candidate Endorsements

A recently formated political group in Tiverton released a list of candidates and qualities its members will look to support in the November election.

Tiverton 1st, a recently formed non-partisan community organization, announced on Friday Sept. 28 which candidates it will be supporting and recommending to voters in the November election.

Candidate questionnaires were developed by Tiverton 1st members and sent to all candidates for their responses. Along with the questionnaires, Tiverton 1st also considered the candidates record of both community and public service, as well as the review of any prior stated positions on issues affecting the Tiverton community.

"The goals and priorities of our organization align well with the vision and position of our recommended slate of candidates," said Linda Larsen, coordinating committee member.  

Tiverton 1st recommends to Tiverton voters Town Council candidates James J. Arruda, Renee DeJesus-Jones, Denise deMedeiros, William P. Gerlach, Brett Nicholas Pelletier, Edward A. Roderick.

School Committee candidate recommendations are Sally A. Black, Carol J. Herrmann, Jerome M. Larkin.

Budget Committee candidate recommendations are Joseph F. Bento III, Alexander J. Cote, Laura L. Epke, Mark R. Larsen, Joshua A. Mello, David Perry.

Representative District 70: John G. "Jay" EdwardsRI Representative

District 71: Dennis Canario

The goals of Tiverton 1st include smart economic development, fiscal responsibility and affordability, opposition to Sakonnet Bridge tolls, along with maintaining all necessary community and school services. The organization believes that in order to achieve these goals, our public servants must serve in an environment of both compromise and respectful discussion. The recommended candidates demonstrated to Tiverton 1st that they possess the ideas, solutions, and willingness to create the culture necessary to achieve these goals. Tiverton 1st encourages all voters to go to the polls on Nov. 6 and support our entire slate of candidates.

"We believe strongly that these candidates are the clear choice for voters who want to preserve the quality of life in Tiverton in a fiscally-responsible way," added Coordinating Committee Member Brian Medeiros.

Tiverton 1st is a non-partisan, grassroots community organization open to all who support preserving our quality of life in Tiverton by maintaining both our community and school services in a fiscally-responsible way, and promoting cooperation, compromise, and community pride.  Membership in Tiverton 1st is open to anyone who supports our core principles and goals, and there is no membership fee. For more information e-mail us at Tiverton1st@cox.net, visit us at www.Tiverton1st.blogspot.com, or search Tiverton 1st on Facebook.

Brian Medeiros October 02, 2012 at 10:27 PM
Renee: It's just more of the usual conspiracy theories and phony accusations, in an attempt to distract people from the real issues, TCC's sad record, & the clear choice that is the candidates recommended by Tiverton 1st. It's most likely not Jim any way, but someone hiding behind his name as they did with that phony attack letter. It's just Patch trolling, and I suggest everyone ignore the TCC Troll and stay focused on educating voters of the facts. TCC candidates will continue to pursue the TCC agenda; Tiverton 1st candidates will work on Tiverton's agenda.
Brian Medeiros October 03, 2012 at 02:31 AM
Tom: Tiverton 1st already has a sample ballot with our recommended candidates highlighted that is available on the Tiverton 1st blog (www.Tiverton1st.blogspot.com). It can be printed from there, and we're also making a .pdf file of it available to download. Postcards with this same highlighted ballot and some other information are being printed and will be available at all T1 events, handed out by T1 candidates & volunteers, & at the polls.
Tom October 03, 2012 at 10:53 AM
I will check out the site to get the sample ballot, thanks Brian.
Linda Larsen October 03, 2012 at 03:51 PM
@Tom the Tiverton 1st Recommended Candidate sample ballot has been uploaded as a .pdf under the photo / video section of this article.
Tom October 03, 2012 at 04:21 PM
Thanks. I will make sure to download and share with my family and neighbors. Tiverton 1st seems like a group with common sense, which is refreshing compared to the TCC.


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