Tiverton Democratic Town Committee Endorses 2012 Candidates

The Tiverton Democratic Town Committee endorses 2012 candidates.

At its Sept. 12 meeting, the Tiverton Democratic Town Committee (TDTC) voted to support 15 candidates for Town Council, School Committee and Budget Committee in the November elections.

TheTDTC slate includes Democrats, Independents and Republicans; individuals with long histories of public service and newcomers; a broad spectrum of age groups; individuals born in Tiverton and those not born here but, who have chosen Tiverton to be their home and want Tiverton to be successful.

TDTC Supported Candidates for Town Council are: James J. Arruda, Renee DeJesus-Jones, Denise deMedeiros, William P. Gerlach, Brett Nicholas Pelletier and Edward A. Roderick. In this race, all seven council seats are open and the TDTC voted to endorse six candidates.

TDTC Supported Candidates for School Committee are: Sally A. Black, Carol J. Herrmann and Jerome M.Larkin. Three seats are open on the School Committee.

TDTC Supported Candidates for Budget Committee are: Joseph F. Bento III, Alexander J. Cote, Laura L. Epke, Mark R. Larsen, Joshua A. Mello, and David Perry.

Six seats are open on the Budget Committee.

In other local races that are unopposed, the TDTC voted previously to support the following candidates:  Nancy L. Mello for Town Clerk and Richard P. D’Addario for Judge of Probate Court.

“Our interview and selection process allowed usto understand how each candidate sees his or her role if elected and how they view the purpose of local government," said committee Chairman Michael Burk. "It let us see which candidates, if elected, are willing and able to work collaboratively with their colleagues, an essential character trait for us.”

The TDTC went into the selection process with a simple goal: to work with folks from across the town and across interest areas in order to field a slate of candidates who share the TDTC’s vision for Tiverton. This vision is one which takes a balanced approach to supporting public services and public education while working to improve revenue streams through sound business development and fair taxation policies, including finding better ways to ensure appropriate avenues of relief for homeowners on small, fixed incomes.

Before choosing who to support in local competitive races, the TDTC Nominating Committee offered interviews to every candidate for Town Council, School Committee and Budget Committee. Ten Town Council candidates, four School Committee candidates and eight Budget Committee candidates chose to be interviewed.

Candidates who did not wish to be interviewed were not considered. The Nominating Committee made recommendations to the full membership of the TDTC who discussed and voted on the final slate to support. Each selected candidate then confirmed that they accepted the TDTC support before the slate was finalized.

“We are proud of the slate we have agreed to support”, said Chairman Mike Burk. “We believe these candidates most closely align with our values and beliefs.”

“On Nov. 6, we encourage voters to elect candidates who are willing to work collaboratively, who truly are willing to be transparent in their deliberations and decision making, who are willing to listen to diverse opinions and who treat each other and those who come before them withthe respect they deserve," said Burk. "We believe these candidates will meet these goals and will put aside personal agendas and make decisions based on what is best for Tiverton.”

The Tiverton Democratic Town Committee believes in a community based and inclusive approach to government. The TDTC supporst and promotes healthy discussion around important issues facing the community and to that end invite all to share their thoughts, ideas, and needs as a community with them at info_requests@democrats02878.org.

For More Information Contact: Mike Burk, TDTC Chairman, at burkmike@verizon.net, or call 401-527-2692

Renee Cwiek September 19, 2012 at 12:46 AM
Just a thought.....maybe he's hasn't been back online? I know... it's a silly thought.
James Arruda September 19, 2012 at 02:39 AM
Hello Mr. Lipe, I have already answered that question in the posts under my patch profile. You asked me that same question and I did answer it. I am sorry if you didn't see that response, but you should be able to look back on that page and see it. Jim Arruda
Louis Cypher September 19, 2012 at 10:17 AM


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