Tomlins in Signature Snafu with Board of Canvassers

Officially short of the 200 signatures required to run for a citywide council seat, Richard Tomlins has a hearing with the Board of Elections on Thursday.

"This is turning into a nightmare," said Richard Tomlins, an Independent candidate for a citywide City Council Seat.

Tomlins, who ran for mayor against Mayor Allan W. Fung in 2010, has 189 valid signatures for his bid for a City Council seat. That's 11 short of the 200 required to qualify for a place on the ballot in the citywide council race.

In an e-mail message, Tomlins said:

"As of yesterday Registrar Caruolo had me at 199, then today she tells me that the Board took it down to 189.  In addition I turned in another 38 signatures, but on a copied sheet which they won’t except(Copies ok, but to be date stamped prior to signatures – exact same page, sounds a little nuts to me)In addition I have at least 150 additional signature that were late or on “copied” sheets. Now I have a 2PM hearing this Thursday with the Board of Elections, but guess what, because I’m running as an independent  all my lawyer “friends’ are backing out one by one in representing me.  I’m caught in the “machine “right now – word travels fast! I’m still fighting"

Check back later for more reports on signature counts for the City Council, School Committee and House and Senate races.


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