Woman on Bath Salts Nearly Crashes

The bath salts were confiscated.

A Cranston woman who just bought a package of bath salts from Buddha's Bazaar on Cranston Street was charged with driving with a suspended license after she nearly caused an accident as she drove off from the store.

According to police, Amy Beausoleil, 49, of 1230 Cranston St., was seen by Sgt. James Needham of Cranston Police as she drove out of the lot for Buddha's Bazaar into oncoming traffic on July 12.

Beausoleil reportedly drove right into traffic "with no regard for the oncoming traffic," causing two cars approaching to "apply their brakes to keep from colliding with the white Ford" she was driving.

Needham followed Beausoleil for a while as she drove slowly towards a nearby Rite Aid, apparently unaware that she was being followed by a police cruiser with its lights flashing.

Once stopped, Beausoleil told police that she was going to get her car washed but decided against it. She then asked if she was going to be arrested and pulled two packages of bath salts out of her pocket.

Needham told her that people are not being arrested for possession of bath salts right now, but the drugs are being confiscated. She then pleaded with Needham to let her keep one package because she "needs them."

It was then that Needham saw that Beausoleil's license was suspended. She was given a court date, her car was towed and she was released from the scene.

"As I was clearing the scene, Amy was seen walking back into Buddha's Bazaar," Needham wrote in his police report.
Bob July 29, 2013 at 08:49 AM
I think your headline is wrong, I believe it should have read, " scum bag low life loser female nearly crashes" . Freakin scum continues to ooze from everywhere in this stink hole city and state....
teresa.page32 July 30, 2013 at 09:16 AM
This is making it difficult for those who use the product appropriately. Like those who do huffing but those products are not off the market. It is the person who has a problem and are a danger to themselves and society. Something seriously needs to be considered on what to do. Addiction I am studying could be a psychological issue that the person needs to have dealt with admittedly or forcefully one way or another.
Ryan Beeley August 07, 2013 at 06:44 PM
the store in question is 100% legal and does not or never did sell bath salts. the substance in question is used to remove tar and resin from tobacco or medical marijuana pipes. if some people use them wrong thats there problem. should we make whipped cream illegal because someone uses it for whippets (inhaling the nitrous oxide used in whip cream to get high). To prove the police are full of it, check out police report, they didn't even arrest anyone cause cause nothing illegal was being done. the store should sue the cranston police department


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