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Changes to North Kingstown Home Rule Charter on Ballot November 6th

There are important referendums on the ballot that will need your consideration November 6th. This will change the Home Rule Charter for our town and make major changes in our town government.

There are several referendums on the November 6th ballot that if approved will change the North Kingstown Charter.  They include the following;

#8 Term Limits: This would make the longest anyone could serve 12 years consecutively.  Is this really necessary?  It applies to an elected position as well as an appointed position.  I would rather have shorter terms for appointed positions to make it easier to replace people that prove to be unacceptable, but not necessarily term limits. Vote NO on this.

#9 Advice and Consent: This would require that all department heads or persons that report directly to the town manager have a majority vote of approval by the town council.  This is a good thing as it makes the elected town council part of the process.  Vote Yes on this.

#10 School Committee: This would reduce the size of the committee from 7 members to 5 members which is not enough to adequately handle all of the work that this committee does.  Changing the size of the committee will not reduce the problem with poor or under-performing members and could ultimately create more problems.  The diverse make up of this committee is essential.  Vote No on this.

#11 Budget Referendum:  This would change the number of voter signatures needed to call for an budget referendum.  The voter list is full of names that have moved, died or haven't voted in years.  This change would only inflate the number of signatures needed to put a budget before the taxpayers for adjustment. This is a move by the town manager to make it harder for informed taxpayers to have a referendum on the budget which is not a good thing. When our town gave up the town financial meeting the current situation was a compromise with the voters.  This should really be left alone.   Vote NO on this.

The town under the current council and manager have failed in almost every area of government and management of our community.  They fail to follow their own policies (no bid contract on the IT Dept. relocation), sue everyone and create horrendous legal bills (school suit $130,000. and firefighters $230,000. with more to come), put all of our lives at risk with the 24 hour firefighter schedule, allow the 413' wind turbine to be built in a residential neighborhood, done nothing to improve the business climate on Post Road and handed out raises every year for the past four years.  Have you received a raise every year for the last four years?Frankly we can't afford their kind of management and government any longer. 

We need a change on November 6th or we will be saddled with two more years of the same.  Vote for a change, vote for Richard Welch and Tracy McCue if you think that it is time for our town to run like a business rather than an out of control social program.  Visit my website at www.richard-welch.net for more information.

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Nicholas Dewhurst November 02, 2012 at 03:17 PM
(Continued from previous comment) #11 The Commission voted unanimously (7-0) to APPROVE this change. This proposed change is to correct an error on the 2010 general election ballot. In 2010 the Charter Review Commission unanimously voted on this wording, however when the question was prepared it did not reflect the Commission’s recommendation that the required signatures of 3% of the qualified electors of the town as certified at the pervious general election.
Richard Welch November 02, 2012 at 06:17 PM
Thank you for your information Mr. Dewhurst. It does not change my vote however. #8: I believe that we have elections to vote out poor performing officials and don't need term limits, however appointed officials should have shorter terms which would make the commitment easier for some to agree to as well as to be able to remove a poor appointment. Six years on Planning is too long. #9: I believe that the elected officials should be the ones to apporve these empolyees, not someone that the public can not hold responsible. Too many important decisions in our government are left to the un-elected, there needs to be an accountability to the voters. #10 We agree. #11: There is an agreement that was originally worked out and that should remain. The voter list is bloated with names that should be removed. This will make it more difficult for the public to be heard and that is why I will vote NO. We are trying to be more open and transparent in our government, leave this alone.
NK PARENT November 02, 2012 at 06:33 PM
#9 So Mr. Welch are you saying as a member of the Town Council you would want to micro manage the town and not use your ultimate authority over the town manager to get the job done? Maybe this is why you have been so ineffective on the school committee? Hire the right person like Mr Embury and let him do his job.
Politics Sheriff of NK November 05, 2012 at 06:42 AM
thats not what he said mark.
Concerned NK School Parent November 05, 2012 at 08:05 PM
Mr. Welch, You wrote “the TC & TM have sued everyone and created horrendous legal bills.” What a hypocritical statement to make! What about the legal suits and grievances the SC has generated by imposing unilateral cuts on the ESP? One law suit is personally against YOU! You are in NO position to be criticizing the TM & TC concerning law suits!


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