Larry Ceresi Elected School Committee Vice-Chairman

Town Council candidate Richard Welch works to conclude School Committee projects as he steps down from leadership position

Former School Committee Chairman Larry Ceresi was elected to the second-ranking leadership job of vice-chairman at Tuesday's North Kingstown School Committee meeting.

The position opened up when Richard Welch resigned as vice-chairman. Welch, man, is . Committee Chairwoman Kimberly Page and other committee members thanked him for his "dedicated service to the schools."

Ceresi was elected with the support of all attending committee members except Melvoid Benson. After the election, Benson attempted to submit a "no" vote from Bill Mudge, who was absent due to the death of his mother. School attorney Mary Ann Carroll said such a proxy vote was not allowed.

Welch, who led the committee's Facilities Subcommittee, proposed changing the makeup of the subcommittee, which advises the School Committee on infrastructure issues. He urged eliminating positions for the school director of special education and for a teacher and adding a slot for the North Kingstown director of public works.

Welch said that it is difficult for teachers and the special education director to participate in meetings, and that the town public works department is currently overseeing school construction.

However, Ceresi and Benson said that it is important to have input from teachers and the special education community. After two amendments to Welch's motion failed, the committee rejected the entire proposal. Ceresi asked the subcommittee to present a revised proposal.  

Welch asked the school staff to expedite a long-planned transportation audit. Administrative Services Director Mary King said she would present a report on getting the audit under way at the next school committee meeting.

Under new business, the committee also discussed a proposal from Welch to create an 11-member task force to study ways to reduce health care costs for the school system and employees. The committee postponed a decision on the task force. 

NKGOP Watch September 25, 2012 at 03:00 PM
I agree, in fact I did my part and re-read all posts here. NKGOP Watch has backed up criticism's by citing a FACT behind them. You can disagree that it was bad for Page for example to try and water down the mileage reporting or exempt the schools from the then-new whistleblower law, but she did do that. NKGOP watch has posted numerous indisputable facts to support their position, and also has posted more positives than anyone else commending good things such as how Larry ran meetings as our first good chairman in modern times, any personal issues notwithstanding, and Jim M was a ket advocate for the whistleblower, and how Lynda A stood against a school admin which was attempting to use her childs illness against her politically, and what a solid legislator Dick W is, and how fair and inclusive the reconfiguration process was. I could go on.
NKGOP Watch September 25, 2012 at 03:01 PM
as to the Butler joke, well I agree to disagree. As a family member who has seen my family treated for a broken noses, I did NOT find offensive the scene in my cousin vinny where the hick got slugged in the nose by Joe Pesce. Just my opinion on that.
MeanE September 25, 2012 at 03:11 PM
It sure would be nice if the PATCH updated their forums, and allowed for an ignore this user feature like I have seen on other sites. This way you can pick an choose whose comments you would like to have displayed. Would probably cut down on a lot of the nonsense.
NKGOP Watch September 25, 2012 at 03:15 PM
MeanE would be on my list to ignore.
Samantha Turner September 25, 2012 at 03:26 PM
Since we can't seem to keep this on topic, I've closed down this comment stream.


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