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School Web site Gets a Facelift

School officials want your feedback.

During the interview process, Superintendent Judith Lundsten promised to get the schools' Web site updated, if she got the job.

She got that job. And she didn't waste any time getting the site redesign underway.

The new Web site launched recently. The old mid-1990s style Web site with awkward navigation and clunky interface has been replaced with a much better looking and more sensibly organized Web site.

"It is our sincere wish this website will be utilized to celebrate what is taking place in our district and also provide valuable information to all stakeholders," Lundsten said in a message to parents on the Web site.

One of the new features of the site is the Superintendent's message. She intents to use the platform to get important messages out to parents and staff as well as to solicit feedback.

What do you think of the site? Click here and let the district know.

nicole fine August 24, 2012 at 10:50 PM
Glad to see the new changes. Kind of disappointed that it had to take a new superintendent to get it done. Might want to check the spelling errors. Can't wait to see ALL the schools have their web sites updated in timely manners as well.
nancy August 26, 2012 at 12:56 PM
Love the new site - would give kudos to who did it if we could learn that....as a website designer, I know good work when I see it and this is a great start in better communication for Cranston....wish it was 1/2 that developed when my children were in school.....I hope it was done economically, too.....can we ask the superintendent to share this info?


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