West Students' Art, Food Grace New Gallery

Drawing by Anita Fang.
Drawing by Anita Fang.
It's no secret that Cranston students have talent, so it's no surprise that students in Valerie Bruzzi's art class at Cranston High School West have produced some detailed and impressive pen and ink drawings of a Victorian house in a recent project.

But these are first level students, Bruzzi noted, which makes their work even more impressive.

The drawings will be on display as part of a collaboration between the culinary department at the Cranston Area Career and Technical Center and the art department at West. Together, they've created a new gallery they're calling the Meshanticut Gallery.

"Chef Martha Sylvestre and I had a dream of combining Art and food set in a café / gallery setting," Bruzzi said. "Part of this collaboration Chef Steve Versacci and a few culinary/art students created a Victorian Gingerbread House filled with candy. We will raffle the house off at this event to raise money for the art classroom. This has been an awesome WEST experience!”

The gallery opens today and all are welcome to stop by between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Stop by to buy a raffle ticket for your change to win the gingerbread house and to admire the work of Cranston art students.

The show will run through Jan. 16.


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