Get Crafty With an Online Etsy Shop

The online marketplace gives artists and crafters a place to grow their customer base internationally.

I must admit, I'm a bit Etsy-obsessed. If you aren't familiar with Etsy, it's an online marketplace for crafters and collectors to buy and sell art, home goods and lots more from all over the world.

I've purchased an apron from Philadelphia, art from Chicago, movie posters from Singapore, a flask from California and even a record player from Minnesota on the site. As a buyer it's been great, and I've even thought about delving into the selling aspect of it. 

If you're a local artist or crafter, Etsy could be a great way to get more exposure and grow your customer base. There are no membership fees on Etsy, but they collect 3.5 percent fee on the sale price when an item is sold. It costs $0.20 to list an item for four months, or until it sells. Start an Etsy shop here.  

Etsy also offers a lot of advice for its sellers and highlights success stories on the Etsy blog. The best place to start? Probably the "Top 10 Tips for Starting an Etsy Business." A few of the tips include: 

Be patient: Success won't happen overnight, because it'll take time for people to find you and for you to adjust the way items for sale are presented.

Good photos: When people browse a section on Etsy, they'll see the title, the price and the photo. The image is probably the most important factor determining whether someone will click on an item to consider buying it. 

Think like a customer: Gaining an understanding of what people are searching for and how they might find you will go a long way to getting your products in front of people. 

Read the full list of the top 10 tips for starting an Etsy business here

Local crafters: If you've used Etsy, what has your experience been? Do you prefer that network or an independent e-commerce site? 

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