2013 CNB Ravens Fastpitch Softball Tournament Team Tryouts

Cranston National Budlong is pleased to announce the Ravens, new home to Cranston Fastpitch Softball (teams previously played for CLCF GALS). Join them on Saturday and Sunday (10/27-28) to tryout for their 2013 U10, U12 and U14 tournament travel softbal

CNB is holding tryouts to field two teams for each of the three age divisions. These teams will be holding practices and camps periodically throughout the winter months to prepare for the 2013 fastpitch season.

Saturday, Oct 27th & Sunday, Oct 28th, 2012

  • U14 : 12–1:30pm : Registration @ 11:30am
  • U12 : 1:30–3pm : Registration @ 1pm
  • U10 : 3–4:30pm : Registration @ 2:30pm

2013 age determined by girl's age as of December 31st of this year.

Tryouts to be held at the CNB Field (next to Budlong Pool), 198 Aqueduct Road in Cranston.

All girls on teams must play in the CNB recreational house league in the spring of 2013 to qualify to be a member of the tournament teams.

Girls from all cities and towns are welcome to tryout!

Visit www.CranstonRavens.com for more information.

There are no fees for this tryout. Fees will be collected only when the girls are assigned to teams.

jim dillon October 28, 2012 at 03:23 PM
I think it is important for parents to understand that CLCF has, and will, continue to have fast-pitch softball for girls, and that this group is the same group of people who came before the CLCF board and the softball chairman and his committee and agreed to work cooperatively with them. Instead at the 11th hour after repeatedly agreeing to participate and work collaboratively, they chose to make an end-run around and unilaterally subverted the agreed to process and programs of CLCF and the Gals softball program. Shame on you!
CNB Ravens Fastpitch Softball October 30, 2012 at 08:02 PM
Mr. Dillon, we think it fair to first introduce you as the Vice President of CLCF Sports, in order to provide perspective to Patch readers. Our group, CNB Ravens Fastpitch Softball, did attempt, on many occassions, over many months, to work with CLCF GALS and the main CLCF Executive Board to rectify the issues. The fact is, despite what you may have been told, the CLCF GALS officers did not work with our fastpitch representatives as directed by the CLCF Sports Executive Board. The decision to leave was agreed to by over 100 parents and coaches of the established CLCF fastpitch teams and it was not taken lightly. It was a very difficult decision and weighs heavily in the heart of many involved. It was always our wish to remain with CLCF as it is a fine program and offers much to the Cranston community. There are far too many details to provide in this comment, but we can tell you that the current leadership was uncooperative, making it impossible to continue in the current environment. It was not, as you state, an "11th-hour" decision and we did not do an "end-run" around or subvert the agreed-to process. Rather, it is our view that the CLCF Executive board left us at the mercy of the CLCF GALS Softball President, who, instead of working with us, dictated to us. We think it a shame that CLCF chose to allow to leave the majority of fastpitch players instead of working wtih them. We regret that it has come to this, but we are moving forward.


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