10th Christmas Carol Production Begins this Weekend

Imagine Christmas without "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens? It wouldn't seem right.

Just like it wouldn't seem right if there wasn't a local production of the classic Dickens tale.

This year, Artists' Exchange is putting on its 10th annual performance of "A Christmas Carol," and it won't be the same show you're used to seeing.

According to the Artists' Exhchange Web site, "With a fresh new adaptation in hand, the differences will be recognizable from the very start as Director Clara Weishahn has elected to open the show in an entirely new way.

"With a goal of bringing the story close to home, she is taking it right into a modern family room.

"Perhaps by diving into the very familiar and beloved Dickens story through our lives here and now, we will all be able to hear parts of the story anew," Weishahn said.

The show will place particular emphasis on how the story unfolds through the eyes of a child. A storybook quality will be evoked through the set design, with backdrops rendered by scenic designer Amanda Hall.

"One of my main goals for the production overall is embracing the fun and sense of play that is so important throughout any creative venture. I hope the audience will feel welcomed into that celebratory, playful world," Weishahn said.

She also sees the added focus on the visual design of the production as an opportunity to reflect the rich visual arts programming offered at Artists’ Exchange along with its programs in theater and music.

Another shift this year is toward a more ensemble-oriented production. Added characters such as a group of women and children accompanying the ghosts and multiple children taking on the Cratchit characters at different ages will help show the passage of time and vary the perspective from which the story is told. 

The show runs in three sets of performances, beginning tonight (Thursday Dec. 12) at Theatre 82 in Rolfe Square and running all weekend. It then will be performed at the Park Theatre from Thurs. Dec. 19 to Sat. Dec. 21. There will also be school matinees.

Visit the Artists' Exchange Web site for more details and tickets for any of the shows.


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